Streiff von Kaenel


Our attorneys cover a wide range of legal work and have the necessary networks and partners to ensure comprehensive client management. Our focus is primarily on counselling and litigation in the following areas of law:

Employment and personnel law

We counsel employers and employees in all areas of individual employment law and represent our clients in court, in arbitration courts and in dealing with authorities. We work in the following areas, i.e.:

  • contractual documents of all kinds (employment contracts, general terms of employment, personnel regulations, employee benefit plans and reward program, etc.)
  • non-competition clauses
  • wage and bonus claims
  • termination of employment (dismissal, release, drafting and revising of termination agreements, etc.)
  • restructuring programs and collective redundancies
  • data protection
  • discrimination in the workplace (mobbing, sexual harassment, etc.)
  • internal investigations
  • temporary assignments and contract staff
  • coordinating with social security systems


Advising and representing companies, associations, joint commissions, municipalities, public enterprises and private individuals in all areas of private and public collective labor law, namely:

In the area of collective employment agreement law:

  • Enforcement of and defense against claims under collective employment agreements;
  • Advice and representation in collective-law connected disputes between social partners;
  • Advice and support in negotiations under collective employment law, namely in the negotiation of collective employment agreements;
  • Advice and representation in applying for and contesting declarations of general applicability.

In the area of employee participation:

  • E Enforcement of and defense against claims in connection with employee participation law;
  • Advice and comprehensive support in consultation procedure (e.g. within the scope of mass redundancies and company takeovers;
  • Advice on the enactment and negotiation of works regulations.

In the area of industrial action law:

  • Enforcement of and defense against strikes and other industrial action;
  • Enforcement of and defense against claims for damages and other claims resulting from unlawful industrial action. 

Counselling and representation of public institutions and communities as well as individuals in all issues pertaining to employment in the public sector.

Construction and real estate law

Counselling and representation for drafting and concluding contracts for work and services (i.e. overall and general contractor agreements, contract for work and services with companies) as well as in connection with disputes concerning contracts for work and services (enforcement of or defense against warranty claims due to defects, work or supplementary work claims, claim damages, etc.)

Counselling and representation of architects, engineers, general and specialist planners as well as developers on matters concerning the contractual basis, copyrights, technical norms, etc.

Counselling and representation on matters concerning condominiums, easement agreements, neighbor disputes, registration or defense against building contractor’s lien.


Counselling and representation in real estate transactions, the drafting of leases or usufructuary leases as well as in disputes regarding tenancy laws (i.e. terminations of leases, evictions, challenge of rents).

Counselling and representation in approval procedures, planning law procedures and environmental law matters.

Counselling and representation of contracting authorities and providers in the public and private tendering process.

We have compiled a number of fact sheets from our field of activity for you. These sheets cannot replace a comprehensive consultation with us.

  1. Bauvorhaben auf dem Nachbargrundstück
  2. Bauhandwerker-Pfandrecht
  3. Kauf von Wohneigentum
  4. Stockwerkeigentum - das Wichtigste
  5. Dienstbarkeiten
  6. Quartierplan

Internal investigations

Support with the creation of directives and workflows, as well as with establishing a system to govern internal investigation procedures:

  • Warning and reporting system for suspected offenses and other relevant incidents
  • Plausibility checks and urgent measures
  • Different handling of standard or special investigations
  • Procedure for preservation of evidence, document and data backup as well as data analysis
  • Regulation of cooperation duties and procedural rights
  • Execution of interrogations (incl. record keeping)
  • Communication and reporting (internal and external)
  • Initiation of criminal, civil, antitrust or regulatory measures
  • Evaluation of investigation results and implementation of "lessons learned”
  • Documentation and completion of the investigation


Planning and implementation of needs- and industry-specific workshops and training courses for HR, management, legal, compliance or reception staff, etc. Practical training tailored to your concerns, the size of your company, your type of business, your specializations as well as adapted to environment, incidents, experience, etc.

  • Understanding initial situation (depending on topic, investigation, authority, etc.)
  • Establishing dacts of the case
  • Identifying risks
  • Weighing opportunities and risks
  • Recommending urgent measures
  • Defining aims of analysis and appropriate measures
  • Collecting and evaluating relevant facts
  • IT-supported analysis of documents and e-mails
  • Questioning suspects, informants and witnesses
  • Submitting proposals concerning reporting
  • Identifying fields of action and making recommendations
  • If necessary, initiating criminal, civil, antitrust or regulatory measures or representing the company vis-à-vis authorities
  • Internal and external reporting
  • Evaluating investigation results
  • Correctly documenting and filing investigations
  • Counseling for implementation of “lessons learned”


With tailor-made trainings, we support our clients in building legal expertise internally in the field of human resources. Our presentations and practical workshops strengthen HR managers and executives in day-to-day HR compliance and with regard to challenges in HR management (e.g. challenging terminations, restructurings, absenteeism and continuation of pay, internal investigations).

We are committed to providing our clients with tailor-made training for their employees in private construction law. The main focus is on topics relating to the drafting of contracts under construction law (contracts for work and services, planning contracts, consortium agreements, etc.), the standards and regulations of the SIA (SIA Standard 118, SIA Regulations 102, 103, etc.), claim management and contract execution (changes in performance, defaults, warnings, acceptances, invoicing, building contractor’s lien, etc.).

Contract, corporate and enforcement law

Drafting and reviewing contracts in all fields of private law.

Counselling of companies, corporate bodies and partners. Founding and restructuring of companies, drafting of shareholders’ agreements, litigation in case of disputes (liability suits, etc.)

Counselling and representation of financial institutions and banking clients

Counselling and representation in enforcing claims as well as in estate and bankruptcy proceedings

Civil law

Counselling and representation in all fields of family law, specifically in regard to the protection of the marital union and divorce proceedings. Drafting and reviewing of separation and divorce agreements as well as prenuptial agreements.

Counselling and representation in legal proceedings regarding parental responsibility, custody, parental visiting rights, child support, paternity suits, etc.

Counselling and representation in legal proceedings with the adult protection authority (KESB). Drafting and reviewing of patient decrees (living wills) and advance care directives.

Counselling and representation in all fields of inheritance law. Drafting and reviewing of inheritance contracts and testaments as well as accepting mandates as estate executors.

Occupational pension law

Counselling and representation of occupational pension funds and employees in the area of occupational pension law as well as serving on executive boards of occupational pension funds.

Criminal law

Defense of accused persons in any field of law (Swiss Criminal Code, Road Traffic Act, Narcotics Act, etc.) at all stages of criminal proceedings. Representation of victims and injured parties as well as enforcement of compensation and reparation claims in legal proceedings.

Governing bodies

Our lawyers regularly serve on corporate boards of directors and executive boards where they contribute with their legal and entrepreneurial knowledge