Streiff von Kaenel Rechtsanwaelte
Streiff von Kaenel Rechtsanwaelte
Streiff von Kaenel Rechtsanwaelte


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Chambers Europe

The Client's Guide for Europe's Leading Lawyers for Busi-
ness klassiert Streiff Pellegrini & von Kaenel, seit 2014
Streiff von Kaenel AG, als führende schweizerische Anwalts-
kanzlei für Arbeitsrecht. Auszüge aus den Ausgaben 2007
bis 2014:

1. "The small employment-focussed boutique sits right at
the pinnacle of Switzerland's employment law market.
Peers greatly admire the firm for its list of notable clients
and its 'extremely commited group of outstanding indivi-
duals.' Praised for the work it has done on a broad range
of cases, the team is recognised as 'clearly the top player'
for classic employment law, including labour law litigation."


2. "'Absolutely outstanding' is the market verdict on this
leading employment group. (...) From the firm's office in
Wetzikon, lawyers 'set the standard,' always producing
work of the highest quality."

3. "Streiff Pellegrini & von Kaenel remains at the forefront
of the market."

4. "This compact Wetzikon firm is considered to be one of
the premier outfits for employment law in Switzerland. The
practitioners have impressive experience across all areas of
employment law, with interviewees highlighting its expertise
in collective labor law issues. The team is also particularly
well known for its knowledge of industrial relations."

5. "Standout employment boutique with an enviable re-
putation for its work for employees. Also represents small
to mid-sized companies, public entities and community
associations, in addition to advising international corpo-
rations on Swiss employment issues."

6. "It is amongst the employment practices held in the
highest regard in the market."